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tired of seeing the same old tattoo communities? filled with the same tribal crap, skulls and tweety birds? if you've got a taz tattoo, tribal, or a dolphin jumping over a moon, this community is not for you. however, if you appreciate quality, original tattoos and artwork... and if one of your favorite quotes is : "it's like a koala bear crapped a rainbow in my brain"... well you're probably in the right place.

This community is for posting pics of your original, unique, quality, artistic tattoos. also for discussing what you want to get in the future, images of future tattoos, or to just show us a good tattoo you've seen on someone else. feel free to discuss anything else you want. .. including ways to destroy the universe with noodles. just dont be a huge asshole. ok?

use the LJ cut thingy if you're posting over 4 pics.. or if the pics are super big. just use common sense.